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Our eyes – Part 2

Aug 9, 2011   //   by Dr. Brown   //   Blog  //  69 Comments

My first identity on this trip is ground crew member, but I will always be a sociologist …. and wow has this ride been an education on so many levels¬† – watching Ascary give so totally of himself on the bike and then taking the time to check on the girls every night on his blog – some people hearing about our ride and sharing water or donations for the ride or medical center … other guys in Alabama yelling “faggot” as Ascary rode by … but I most say 99% of the people we talk to wish us a safe journey and give us their best wishes for a sucessful end to the medical clinic build- a-thon.

I wanted to post a few more photos this morning (now that I know how ūüôā )

I’ll write more this evening – hope everyone is doing well.

Lunch time (GA)


Self photo by Tony


Waiting for Ascary


We make it to another state –

Lunch in Gulfport, MS


Our lunch view


Bye guys … more later …

Dr. Brown




See the ride through our eyes

Aug 8, 2011   //   by Dr. Brown   //   Blog  //  7 Comments

We were riding through Alabama when this sequence of photos happened – Ascary is fine …

The dirt gave way while I was getting some shots – Tony

rushed over to help.

Ascary walks it off and gets back on …

He’s up and away


We stopped at MK’s minimart in S. Aiken – he asked if everything was OK while Ascary was trying to relax his back.¬† We explained what we were doing on the ride … he told us about riding through India and how people gave him food, drink, and a place to stay on the way. He then started stacking water, gatoraid, sodas, bananas, and peanuts by our truck … we call him our suprise angel … his kindness touched our hearts and we thank him so very much.


Day 7 – The ground crew

Aug 8, 2011   //   by Dr. Brown   //   Blog  //  44 Comments

What a day – we had to say goodbye to Tony, but made it to Houston and got to say hi to Beth, Mattie, and Tommy … It has been the best break – for me …. Ascary went out and rode an additional 35 miles. Ribs, salad, no tuna or peanut butter in sight (we’ve been living on those) … Tomorrow I’ll be on my own – so keep your fingers crossed … I need to find Laredo … It’s west of here … Right?

I’m either going to send a few photos tonight and a few tomorrow. … Or all tomorrow if ican not get this working on my own … Oh Tony where Are you?

Hugs, the sad lonely ground crew – Dr. Brown

end of day seven

Aug 8, 2011   //   by ascary   //   Blog  //  66 Comments

Sorry¬†I posted earlier that today was day six..its all starting to blend in together ūüôā

So,¬†I finished the day with a 35 mile fast ride in Houston ūüôā The roads here were pretty fast so I was only out there for one and a half hours¬†in the 100 degree weather.¬† So today was a good 85 mile ride.¬† Thank you all so much for continuing to write nice comments and helping me understand that this is not a losing battle.. not yet, nock on wood ūüėČ

This is such a rollercoster ride! not only emotional but physical too.¬† One day my legs are fine then the next day they are done!¬† Or one day my left knee hurts then the next day its the right one hurting.¬† One day my back is sore then the next day its my shoulders that hurt..¬† One day i’m happy and feel confident about the rides im doing, then the next day I do not think I can make it through the first ten miles!!

The only constant thing I have is you guys, your support, your words of encouragament continues to pour in, in the form of phone calls, texting, comments on facebook and on the blog.  It is amazing to me to see that this many people care. 

Tonight as I get in bed I will think about all the good folks who have helped us along the way, following the blog, giving us drinks while we are on the road. my wife and kids for not hating me even though im away for so long. tony for helping me for the first seven days.. Dr Brown for being AMAZING!  The group who helped me get started with the fund raising for this trip (Nani, Amethist, Ashley, and Devon)

Our sponsors: Greensboro College, Dough’s tire shop in Pittsboro¬†¬†and Pittsboro Discount Drug Store.

Special thanks to Our host tonight!! she cooked ribs, bake potatoes and salad!!!  Thanks Beth!!!

To Liliana Eva and Sulema.¬† Hola hijas, well papi is in Texas now!¬† I will be in Mexico in 2 days!! You girls better satrt making your lists of things yo uwant me to bring you ok? Oh but don’t tell mami because you know she deos not like it when we ask for things so shhhhh..

Ok mijas, be good to each other and to Caly, please tell mai I love her ok?

Love, papi

day six..half way done

Aug 8, 2011   //   by ascary   //   Blog  //  11 Comments

Tony will ne getting on the plane in two hours, heading back to NC to get ready for we just stoped after I pedaled 50 miles..tony’s last miles with us..

It was great having Tony with is for as long as we did..I hope this was a.good experience for him. I for one enjoyed having him take care of me ūüôā
Thanks Tony for your contribution to making a difference the “vidas way” ūüôā

Here’s to Tony, MY nephew!!

Please stay tuned and wish good luck to Tony as he gets ready to start college!!!


Day 6 – the ground crew

Aug 8, 2011   //   by Dr. Brown   //   Blog  //  56 Comments

Well friends – this is the last day your faithful ground crew will face the day together – Tony leaves tomorrow and life is going to get very tricky –

I know many of you have been impressed by my technological leaps – it’s all Tony … at least 253 times I day I hand him something and ask him to make it work … and he does – I’ve been lucky in that Ascary has faced a great deal of time by himself over the last several days … I’ve had a partner is crime and someone to share the dust and heat with … but he heads home to start the new adventure of college and I head west (hopefully!) anyone who knows my sense of direction should be very afraid right now ….

It was fun driving through Louisiana the last day or so … casinos on every corner and drive-through liquor stands dot the landscape …¬† then we arrive in Texas with lots of revival meeting signs – the yin and yang of our trip –

Still working on the video¬† problem – don’t know why it went up as private – now I am having a hard time seeing it …. but hang in there photos are on the way … here’s to the wonderful Cajun meal we had for Tony’s last supper and I’m looking forward to a nice visit with Beth and the kids tomorrow

Thinking of everyone – please keep the kind thoughts coming – feels like hugs from home ….

Your soon to be solo ground crew …. Dr. Brown and Tony

day six

Aug 7, 2011   //   by ascary   //   Blog  //  44 Comments

Hello everyone, you do not understand how amazing it is for me to see your comments on our blog! especially today, I stoped several times just tocheck and see if there was anything there that would give me the little extra push to continue on!  

I have to say, I think I might overestimated my self! this is proving to be a very difficult task.  It is very difficult for me to work the miles I want to do because of the time frame I have to do it in.  It is very hot and my body is really taking a beating. 

Today for example, I figure I would have a long day where I would be able to get in at least 100 miles.  The weather however, had different plans.  it was over a 100 degrees by lunch time.  This conbined with a very strong head wind and weak legs from my strong effort from the past two days, limited me to just under 60 miles, (59 miles).

I have always said that to finish this sort of crazy  projects i can count on these 3 elements. Physical (my body), mental (my mind however little there is) and heart (heart).

I think the physical aspect of my game is at is end.. But it makes sense, we just finished the first third of the trip so my body is done!! this means that my mind comes in now.  I must get my self through the next six days relying entirely on how well prepared i am mentally to get through this, to get my body to keep moving forward despite the pain, the stress and despite the distance between me and those whom I love.

Thank you all for helping me get through these six days..

Please stay cool ūüėČ


Lialiana, Ava, and Sulema:

I hear you girls went out in the hot sun and ran a lot today!!! I am so proud to hear that you girls are not afraid of a little heat.¬† I need to learn more from you gilrs about how to be strong and fearless!! Sulema its ok to run laps around GIGI’S fence for a piece of candy!¬† trust me if someone offered me candy t obike¬†I would do it too!! ok hijas, please be nice to each other and tell mami¬†I love her ok?

Love, papi.


day 5 – the ground crew

Aug 6, 2011   //   by Dr. Brown   //   Blog  //  15 Comments

We had the most amazing day – up, on the road, out of Alabama, through Mississippi,and into Louisiana. Most of the area around Gulfport is filled with new construction – the scars of Katrina can still be seen in some areas, but the people are still busy rebuilding. There were a few time Tony and I had trouble keeping up with Ascary – he was flying along and we had to stop for gas, ice, etc. …. He’d get way ahead and we have to go searching. Luckily we always found him and we are safe and sound in our little red roof inn room. We keep everyone at home in our hearts ….

The ground crew – Tony & Dr. Brown

day five..

Aug 6, 2011   //   by ascary   //   Blog  //  81 Comments

So, day five is in the books!! Today we find our selves in Louisiana!

After a short and and fast 80 miles . That’s right although it was only 80 miles, I’m happy because I was able to do that in 4 hours. That’s an average of 20 miles an hour ! That’s pretty good if you take in to consideration that I’m doing it alone:) But¬†I have to admit that¬†I was little lucky,¬†about¬†50 miles of that was a beautiful flat ride along side of the beautiful¬†Mississipi coast!¬†¬†Yes,¬†while¬†I was not able to enjoy the view as much as¬†I wanted,¬†it felt good to¬†get tucked in and just pedaled as fast as¬†I could for long periods of time. ¬†So I’m a¬†¬†little sore but nothing too bad, tomorrow may be a long day ūüėČ

Last night¬†I was soo tired¬†I was not able to¬†tell you that¬†I had my first fall!!! haha it was actually kind of funny because¬†I just sort of tiped off to the side.¬†¬† I was ¬†riding up some dirt road in beautiful Florida!¬† The dirt was so loose my tires just kept skidding or spinning into place.¬† No matter how hard I pedaled and how hard i tried to stay upright,eventually¬†I just tipped to the left and landed on my side.. I wase’nt hurt, but¬†I was cover in red, sandy like clay.¬† It was not untill¬†I took a shower that¬†I realized I had sand burnt on my left leg!! Now I know why cyclists shave their legs, its a pain trying to clean your self with all that hair!! eeek!!

Thank you all for checking in, till next time!


To liliana, Ava and Sulema,

Hola hijas, I miss you.  I want you to know that papi is thinking about you girls and Caly.  Please be good to each other and to Caly ok? Please tell mami I love her.

Love, papi


Aug 5, 2011   //   by ascary   //   Blog  //  44 Comments

Hello all, so here we are at the end of day four!! It was a very long day but a rewarding one!! I was finally able to cover 130 miles! That was thanks to Liz who suggested I break my ride in two, and to Dr Brown and Tony who took care of me and cheered Me on the the whole way! (Seriously,they are real troopers and im very lucky to have them with me!!!) Well I apologize but im tired, I need to ice,stretch and go to bed so this is going to be a short blog :)..thank you all for checking in!

Liliana, ava and sule, papa loves you very much..please tell Mami I love, papi