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Day 4 – the ground crew

Aug 5, 2011   //   by Dr. Brown   //   Blog  //  58 Comments

Good day all around – we all forgot we’d be in Florida for part of the day. Thank God I like the heat …. Because even then I’m a bit dazed and worn out. I forgot really what drinking your oxygen was like.

It’s almost 8 our time and we’re still another 40 minutes from the hotel – making this so far 15 hours hours(13 on the road) the longest yet day …. I have to admit it has been rough – but it’ always go to keep testing one’s limits.

If we get in earlier tomorrow I’ll try expanding my tech limits and learn how to post some photos …

Please know that I miss you all and have loved hearing from you …. Hugs from the road and more tomorrow …

The ground crew – Dr. Brown

Day three – the ground crew

Aug 4, 2011   //   by Dr. Brown   //   Blog  //  65 Comments

I have to say that nothing focuses your mind like sitting in the middle of

peanut field in south Georgia, early August,  slapping at sand gnats, and

watching the mercury move slowly towards 100 degrees. Every bead

of sweat slowly gives into gravity and moves towards the parched earth.

Then when you think you can not take another moment, Ascary

pedals into view … having just completed 35 miles over dirt roads and

gravel slick country roads.  Time to jump out – get him water and gator

aid and send him on his way to the next meeting point.  He is dripping

wet and in pain …. I feel guilty … then lean over, crank the air conditioner

to high and head out.

The ground crew … Dr. Brown and Tony

day three..

Aug 4, 2011   //   by ascary   //   Blog  //  83 Comments

90 miles today… I’m not happy, we continue to drop mileage, so at the end of the day I have to get in the truck and we drive to the actual destination, other wise we will not make it to Ixmiquilpan on the 18th..

But I have to remember that while it is ok to have goals set for my self, this is not about me, this is about Vidas doing everything that we can to help the people who have put their trust on us.  So, tomorrow is another day, I don’t know how far I will make it.  But i know this:  At the end of tomorrow just as the end of every day so far, there will be absolutely no doubt in my mind that I gave it my all and hope that is enough..

Thank you for continuing to read my bad writing 🙂 


To Sulema, Liliana and Ava:

Hola hijas,

 Guess what? papi had his first dog chase today!!  At first i thought it was a pack of WOLFS!! but once they got a little closer I saw that they were actually just 4 very big dogs!!  oh yeah they were big and they were barking, and chasing me! ok, may be they were not that big, they were mainly puddles, but one of them was a very big puddle!!  But I am brave and you know me, there was no way I was going to let those dogs get the best of me, no sir!  I am brave and strong!! so I pedaled very fast (and very bravely) to get away from them!!  so, I did, I escaped the “big” dogs!  🙂 .

Ok hijas, I love you.  Please be nice to each other.

Please tell mami I love her ok?

Love, papi

Day 2 – the ground crew

Aug 3, 2011   //   by Dr. Brown   //   Blog  //  36 Comments

Hey all –

It has been another long day … the ride went well … during the last leg of the

day – it was over a hundred degrees … lovely weather for a ride

In Aiken we stopped for gas and the owner of the “MK minimart” saw Ascary trying to relax his back and came out to see if we needed anything. We started talking about the ride as Ascary took off … turns out that MK had taken a similar ride across his home country of India years ago and told us how folks had given his group food and a place to stay … then he gave us so much water, gatoraid, bananas, and mountain dew that we had to make a new stack of stuff in the back of the truck. I was struck how basically kind people are and how we really do seek ways to help out.  Most people have been so very nice to us the last couple days … I can hardly wait to see who I get to meet tomorrow –

This evening I was able to put together a few photos – hope you enjoy!


Vidas De Esperanza – Ride Without Borders


later – Dr. Brown and Tony … the ground crew




day two

Aug 3, 2011   //   by ascary   //   Blog  //  33 Comments

Hello all! so day two is done and we are now in Georgia 🙂 Not without pain though.  Yes this morning as i got started my knee was hurting quite a lot, in-fact the first ten miles were the longest and hardest miles i have done in a long time! i knew coming in to this trip, having done it before, that i would be suffering a little.  that pain is part of what i’m doing.  I just didn’t know i was going to have to come terms with that so early on the trip.  Well, after ten miles i decided i was going to have to do something about the pain and i had two choices

A) stop and get on the truck and rest, yet another day

B) find a way to beat the pain. or at least control it

While the first option was tempting i knew the best thing was to deal with this, there and then, this is what i did:  Please bear with with me since i did this on my own usual unusual way 🙂

Well hello old friend, come on in,

I see you brough the wind with you

please make your self comfortable, (we are going to be here for a while).

Here, a cloth for your for head,

why am i being “nice”?

well you do bring out the best in me,

that’s the least i can do.

Truth is,

I was hoping you would’nt stop by today,

excuse me, i have to step outside and scream..

Still here i see,

No, you don’t have to leave just yet,

trust me, i will make sure you leave, when the time is right,

ups, the time is right.

Well my friend, thanks for stopping by,

Please feel free to NEVER come back.


Then I waited, and every time the pain got stronger i pedaled faster and made the pain even  more intense.  I pedaled faster and harder while my knee screamed.. or maybe I screamed, i don’t know, but i worked and worked on it, for the next 20 or so miles i did this.   At times i thought, I may actually be making things worse.. But i kept going and then the pain started to ease up a little.  at the end of the day i was able to complete 106 miles with less pain.

My method may have been a little crazy but i figure i had to do something, and if you know me, doing the crazy thing  is just my thing!!

Ok folks, thank you so much for checking in, please feel free to let us know you are following our trip and even tell me how LOCO I am 🙂

Stay tuned,



To Ava, Liliana and Sulema:

Hola mijas, papi had a great day today.  I made my knee hurt a little less so I was able to get a little further!! I hope you girls have been good, i Miss you and Love you very much.  Please tell mami to say Papi’s prayer for you girls tonight.  Im going to write it here so she can read it to you ok?


te damos las gracias por un dia mas

gracias por el amor de todos nuestros seres queridos.

senor cuida a tus hijos,

dales mas a los que menos tienen,

y a los que tienen, iluminles la mente y el corason para que ayuden a tus hijos que tanto te necesitan.

Mandanos uno angelitos para que duerman con nosotros esta noche.

En el nombre del Padre, del Hijo, Y del Espiritu Santo


Please tell mami I love her,

Love, Papi




Day one – the ground crew

Aug 2, 2011   //   by Dr. Brown   //   Blog  //  74 Comments

Here I am – getting ready to dip my toes in the blog pool for the first time …

Wow … Up at 2 am … In Pittsboro by 4… On the road by 5 … All my friends are now busting a gut because those are so not my regular hours … I have to say it was quite a day. A jumble of thoughts, feelings, and actions. It was tough to say bye to Lynn and the puppies, my bed, my stuff, my life … Feels like I’ve stepped away from everything. The day was spent dodging traffic, waiting for Ascary to catch up with us, then like a good pit crew getting him back on the road as quickly as possible. We saw tobacco fields, areas devastated by clear cutting, and crops struggling with the drought … It felt like the area was just holding on. And yet whenever we stopped to check for directions people went out of their way to help us and wish us a safe journey.

I can only imagine what tomorrow will bring … Later from Dr. Brown and Tony

day one!!!

Aug 2, 2011   //   by ascary   //   Blog  //  41 Comments

Hey every one!

so here we are in Camden South carolina!  100 miles is what i pedaled today, i wanted very much to cover 130 miles but my knee was hurting A LOT so i was only able to do 100.  But it was good for a first day.  I pedaled the first 8 miles at an average of 17.5 miles an hour and started to hurt so I averaged the last 20 at 15 miles an hour.  We got started at 4:46 this morning and were done by lunch time, just ahead of the 90+ degree kicked in. 

I want to thank you all for checking in and ask you to tell friends and family abotu this, help us get the word out!!

Yes, the ride today was pretty uneventful but that will cahnge im sure 🙂  it was a good way to start the ride, i just hope tomorrow my knee is doing well so i can cover130 miles like i planned.

Thanks to all the people who helped us get started, Devon, Ashley, Adriana Amethist and everyone else who has taken the time and donated money for this event!!

Huge thanks to our friends at “Pittsboro Discount Drugs” and “Doug’s Tire for their sponsoship!! 

Please continue to check as often as you can, i will be posting every day to let you all know about the progress we make!!

Thanks all!  Ascary


To my Beautiful little Clouds 😉 Liliana, Eva and Sulema:

Today, while i was on the bike going at one million miles an hour, my knee started to hurt.  It was hurting a lot, you know, like the groiwing pains you guys get?  yeah like that.  Well it was hurting a lot so i wanted to stop! but i   started to think about you girls and how strong you are and how even when you guys are tired you still find strenght to score goals on yoru soccer games!! so that helped me to keep going at one million miles an hour until i finshed!  ok, so it was not one million miles an hour it was like half a million miles an hour:)!   ok, ok more like one mile an hour..but the important thing is that i finshed right?

Ok My little clouds, im going to go rest a little bit, make sure you girls are nice to each other and to your brother, (no dressing him on your clothes).  I love you girls very much.

Please tell your mami i love her ok?

love, Papi

Jul 30, 2011   //   by ascary   //   Blog  //  60 Comments

Well, so the upcoming trip is proving to be a hard  one already…. yes, it has been delayed one i haven’t taken off yet and i am one day behind, that’s 130 miles that i’m going to have to make up at some point during the trip.. I am dealing with a bad back, but no worries , nothing we can’t handle right?…  I will be leaving on Tuesday morning hoping I can cover at least the first 130 miles with no problems but we will see.  Dr Brown is coming with me along with Antony Arias (my nephew), they both will introduce them selves later..for now its time for me to go do my PT…I will be talking to you guys very soon, so please stay with us throughout this trip!!

A Ride Without Borders Part II

Jul 30, 2011   //   by ascary   //   Blog  //  74 Comments

Hey everyone!! Here I am again, I hope you are all ready for this!! that’s right I am riding to Mexico again and I want you all to be a part of it! Join me on the trip, donate to Vidas, write on our blog, or just follow us…but please be a part of this event that will take me to Mexico in 18 days! that’s right—last time it took me and Kate Morris 22 days to get there and this time i intend to do it in 18 days..why? because its harder to do it in 18 days than in 22!! that is my challenge, your challenge? to help me more this time..LETS DO IT!!!