Day ten…

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Hello all…

I have often believe that I can do anything I put my mind to..

Often i fell to take into account the forces of nature, physics, and Man..

We got to the border yesterday and waited for our day to cross the border today, it didn’t happen.. It will not happen.  As it turns out it is very dangerous to cross over right now, there is a stretch of road on the other side of the border that is a “no man’s land” people get stopped and are dispossessed of everything they have and held for ransom, this while other watch (police included).

So, today I had to remember what I so often tell students and their parents when they are traveling with Vidas “our main priority is the safety and security of those who so willingly contribute to the betterment of our communities” and with a very heavy heart I told Dr. Brown that she wold not be going any further.  Nor would I.  It is too risky and it seems silly to go forward just because I have a personal goal of pedaling as many miles as I can before reaching Ixmiquilpan.  But we are not canceling the event..too much time from individuals and money from many of you has been invested into this event.  Also, people in Ixmiquilpan still are waiting for us.  So,  Instead we are turning around and I will fly in early next week and finish the last few hundred miles of the ride with the cyclists who were waiting for me.

My legs are tired, my body is weary and my heart is heavy as I put my bike in the back of the truck..I have tears in my eyes as I tell you all this..But i know this trip has not been a failure..I have been truly tested, this time.

I just hope that all of those who have so strongly believe in me and my abilities too, believe that this is not a fall…but if it is a fall we will get up..we will get up and continue on because forward is the only way I know..

Please stay tuned

Sincerly Ascary

To Liliana, Ava, Sulema, Caly and Liz.. Papi is coming home

Love, papi





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