Medical Help to NC

Lives of Hope

Big things can happen when you look out for your neighbors.  On January 28, 2012, Vidas de Esperanza in conjunction with the Hispanic Liaison, ran their first free medical clinic in Siler City, North Carolina.  By volunteering one Saturday, two physicians were able to examine and treat nearly 60 patients.

Since then, Vidas has held and will continue to hold a clinic on the last Saturday of every month for our neighbors in Siler City.  In addition, we intend to expand the frequency of clinics as well as the scope of health services provided.  We are aggressively pursuing grants to expand the scope of the services we will provide including outfitting our clinic for a dentist.

In addition to the monthly Siler City clinic, Vidas is proud to announce its first clinic in Durham, North Carolina!  This clinic will be held on July 21st and we will update the website with more details very soon.  In short, our goal is to improve the lives of more underprivileged neighbors and we are reaching out to leaders of the African American community in the hopes of mobalizing patients.

A lot of good people and institutions have supported our endevors and we would like to thank a few:

Dr. Dykers–a tremendously well respected physician of Siler City.  After a lifetime of caring for others, Dr. Dykers has retired and is graciously allowing us to use his office.

UNC Chapel Hill Hospitalsunder the leadership of Dr. John S. Kizer, support from the university has been overwhelming.  Most of our professional volunteers are from UNC and the university pays for the insurance necessary to run the clinic.

Gregory Vassie–a local pharmacist who has generously donated thousands of doses of medication needed to run the clinic.


Dr. Peter Lee–A Raleigh physician who learned about our cause and has generously donated much needed equipment for the Siler City clinic including: an additional exam table, portable EKG machine, vital signs monitor, cryosurgical system, STAT kit, instrument stand, and much more.

LabCorp–Starting in September, 2013, Vidas is partnering with LabCorp to provide laboratory studies to patients at our Siler City Clinic.  This exciting partnership will allow our physicians better care for Vidas’ patients. 

Fleet Feetgenerously donated 200 pairs of New Balance shoes, which were given away at the first clinic.  Some children were wearing shoes two and three sizes to small for their feet. When they got their new shoes, they could not stop commenting on how comfortable they were.

Jason Flittner–an Amazon superstar and computer genius.  In two days, Jason created a sleek, fully functioning electronic medical record system.  Most small doctor’s offices pay between $80-100k on an electronic record system.  Jason accomplished this feat for $80 using open source applications, his mind, and a used computer tower purchased from Craig’s list.

Moli Eddins–A local Girl Scout, Moli Eddins, has been providing free basic first aid training and free medical kits for the past five months to patients at the Siler City clinic.  The medical kits were created through donations.  Our patient response to this program has been very positive.  If you are interested in donating to help continue this effort please contact us.

At the February clinic, we gave out over 100 free coats to children and adults alike!  Thanks to the kindness and generosity of everyone who made this possible.

Vidas aims to improve the lives of our neighbors through education and health care.  It is difficult for children to do well in school when they are hungry.  Thanks to your generosity, Vidas has been able to distribute rice, beans, and Maseca corn flour to the community.  Vidas welcomes you continue donating food to this worthwhile cause.  Click here to coordinate your donation!

Take care of your neighbor.