Dental Help to NC


Take Care of Your Neighbors

Providing dental care at our monthly clinics has been a priority of Vidas for the last 2 years.  The primary hurdle to this goal has been the extensive cost of purchasing dental equipment and retrofitting our facilityto accommodate dental operatories.  The cost of setting up a dental clinic is well into the six figure range.

We are only $5,000 away from our goal and we need your help!

How are we so close to our goal?  This past fall, the Soo Foundation, Inc. generously awarded Vidas de Esperanza a $40,000 grant for the purpose of establishing our dental clinic.

Practicing dentists Debra Sacco, Jim Eaker & physician Jim Kurz have been instrumental in planning, coordinating, and establishing connections in the dental community to make our goal of providing dental care to the needy a reality.

Piedmont Health Services graciously sold Vidas a tremendous amount of used, but valuable dental equipment at a nominal cost.

Henry Schein dental supply company has graciously agreed to sell us over 100k worth of dental equipment for 49k. Henry Schein is also doing the installation of this equipment free of charge.  This is the only expense remaining to outfit our clinic with three dental operatories.  

In March of this year, the Vidas Board approved the remaining 49k infrastructure investment to make our dream a reality.  Including the Soo Foundation grant, we have 44k in the bank.

We need your help to reach 49k and to be able to run the clinic!

Please consider giving to this worthwhile cause.  Please join us at our Miles for Smiles fundraiser and feel free to give through our paypal link above or by clicking here to coordinate your tax deductible donation.